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Trimco Hardware Jumpstart Kit

Use this Trimco Hardware Jumpstart Kit to help you begin to use the industry leading high performance architectural hardware products to help your business stand out Specification Guide Use this guide to help you reference what Trimco products to use in the openings you are specifying Trimco Lockdown Hardware A simple and easy way to […]

The Ultimate Guide to Access Control

Table of Contents What is access control? What to consider when choosing an access control system? Models of physical access security Components of an access control system How access control works Applications for access control How to select my access control system What is access control? Access control is a method of restricting access to […]

NGP Jumpstart Kit

Everything you need to start using National Guard Products If you’ve been using something other then National Guard products for your door accessories this kit is for you. Use this link to convert your existing competitive products over to NGP. Gasketing City Click this link to check out the most extensive gasketing line up in […]

Your Very Own RCI Jumpstart Kit

Everything you need to start using RCI Sometimes we get stuck in our ways and just use the same old product we’ve always used knowing there are better products out there. Use this RCI Jumpstart Kit to help you begin to use the industry best electric strikes, mag locks, power supplies, and buttons to help […]

Innovate or Die

That’s what they say right? What are we doing different as a rep agency in 2020?  Earlier this year I read Robert Iger’s, The Ride of a Lifetime, in which he discusses lessons he learned from 15 years at the helm of Disney. One of the main principles from the book is innovate or die. […]

Healthy Hardware White Paper

Author: Anthony Mastroianni, Trimco Hardware, EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This white paper discusses the goals and objectives of replacing highly touched surfaces, such as stainless steel door handles that harbor harmful microorganisms with Healthy Hardware® CuVerro® EPA-registered bactericidal copper alloy door handles in the healthcare environment. The goals are: To reduce harmful microorganisms in the hospital […]

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