Hands Free Options for Door Hardware


Hands Free Options for Door Hardware

As manufactures of door hardware and security are scrambling to innovate products to assist in the re-opening of businesses across the world one of the main points of innovation is hands free. Hands free is defined as being designed to be operated without the use of hands and that is exactly what manufacturers are doing. They are designing products as fast as possible to be operated without having to physically touch the product.

Some of these products were already in existence and the current environment spurred a shift towards them, others seem to be created out of demand over the last few months. The below products are now more relevant than ever before.

  1. RCI 910TC Touchless Switch 

The 910TC touchless switch is a hands free solution that can be paired with a ED900 operator to create a completely hands free opening. With the wave of a hand the actuator is triggered releasing the door. 

2. dormakaba ED900 Low Energy Operator

Low energy operators are a great option to help minimize the spreads of germs. When an actuator is activated the operator automatically opens the door for you to enter the space. When paired with the 910TC you can create a completely hands free opening solution. Otherwise you can use standard actuator packages that require you to depress the button to open the door. 

3. Trimco Hardware Ultimate Restroom Pull

Trimco’s Ultimate Restroom pull is part of their Healthy Hardware line up. They are made with bactericidal copper to help minimize the spread of infectious bacteria. These pulls are specifically designed for restroom doors so you can use your arm to open the door rather than your hand. The pull can be configured point down towards the ground or up towards the ceiling. 

4. Trimco Hardware Ultimate Foot Pull

Trimco’s ultimate foot pull is a great option on restrooms that will allow for opening the door without the use of hands. On the Trimco version you place your foot on top of the foot pull and pull towards yourself. 

5. ABH Arm and Foot Pulls

ABH’s arm and foot pulls are a great option on restrooms. By using either you can leave the restroom without ever touching the door or the hardware with your hands. By placing your foot under the foot pull you can then pull the door open. For the arm pull you can place your arm anywhere in the pull and open the door with the same motion you’d open it with a standard pull. Similar solution to Trimco, the only difference will be look and configuration.

6. Keyscan Mobile Credentials

With Keyscan mobile credentials you can issue a credential without ever having to be face to face with someone. These are a great option for any facility frequently issuing credentials. The entire human contact element is eliminated therefore reducing the risk of transmitting anything. 

7. dormakaba Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding door operators create easy hands-free access. Automatic doors use sensors to trigger the sliding doors to open without any physical touching of the doors. They are designed with attractive framing and sleek styles to complement any entry.  With automatic sliding doors you get pleasing aesthetics and hands-free all in one.

8. dormakaba Turnstiles

Turnstiles effectively manage the flow of people in an internal or external setting. All units can be combined with time recording systems and ID readers, including contactless and biometric systems. This results in reliable access without the need for monitoring by personnel.

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